1) Our aim is to give you top quality fish.  We hate making compromises.  We do not aim to be cheap. We aim to be the best.

2) The majority of our fish is frozen.  Selling fresh fish requires too many compromises.  However, we do take great care to ensure our fish is very fresh at the point of freezing.  We defy you to be able to tell the difference between our frozen fish and fresh fish, when it is cooked and on the plate.

3) We freeze better than you can.  Home freezing is SLOW freezing - that's bad for your eating experience.  Each fillet, steak or prawn you buy from us is frozen individually.

4) We focus on superior grades, for instance thick fillets from large fish, large king crab legs without ice or added water.  In fish, size matters: we will always tell you the size of the fish you are buying.

5) We want to be best for service as well as best for product.  Fish is very perishable, so deliveries must arrive at the right place and on time.  We take a lot of care to make sure your order arrives in perfect condition.

6) Keeping frozen fish frozen en route to you is expensive.  Thermo-proof packaging, ice gel, one day delivery and insurance against inevitable mishaps... these add up to about S$30.

7) We have the widest range of Alaskan fish in Singapore - over 40 items.  This includes many spectacular items which you simply cannot obtain from anywhere else.  Check out our whole cooked king crab!  Try our marvellous smoked salmon!

8) We are not perfect and we get things wrong.  When we do, we are keen to put things right.

9) Because our standards are so high, we can offer you a no quibble guarantee:  If you are unhappy, we will refund or replace.  You only need to ask.

10) We really like your feedback and questions.  We welcome callers and you'll get straight through to a really nice person at 6342-1266.



To supply you with outstanding fish
To be a pleasure to deal with


Inevitably we will fall short of these standards from time to time, but they are what we are aiming for.

When we lapse, we will - so far as possible - make proper amends.

Providing this service means that we wlll never be the cheapest source of fish.

We don't want to be cheap.  We want to be the best.


Some of our customers have been buying fish from us since day one.

Many have spent over S$10,000 with us.

Thank you! - We must be doing something right.