I forgot to thaw the fish overnight for dinner tonight! Is there any other way to eat the fish?

Yes! You can actually cook your seafood while is frozen. Click here to find out more on the methods to Cook-It-Frozen! Alternatively, you can defrost the seafood under running water which will expedite the thawing process.

What is ‘sustainable seafood’ and why is it so important?

Sustainable seafood is whereby wild-seafood are harvested without harm to its population, habitat or to any other species in its ecosystem. By protecting the fisheries and ecosystem, productivity is ensured so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same variety of great seafood that we eat today.

How is TAG being a responsible and sustainable buyer?

Many of the members of Team TAG  are from Alaska and have spent seasons working on fishing and/or crab boats, so we have a deep understanding of Alaska’s commitment to sustainable fisheries. By committing to Alaskan product, we can proudly guarantee our customers that they are receiving a Wild Caught, sustainable, and delicious product. Aside from our Alaskan product, we do our best to source products regionally from other Wild Caught fisheries, such as our Spencer Gulf King Prawns, which are MSC Certified and Wild Caught in the Spencer Gulf region of Australia.